Letter to Cyprus Today - 6 September 2005

 Builders, Estate Agents and Lawyers!!!

 Calling all people who have had to deal with a problem caused by any of the above.  We are just normal people who decided to run away from England and the stress associated with living there and hoped to live a peaceful life on the beautiful island of North Cyprus.  Peaceful?  No stress?

 Do any of these sound familiar?

·        House built on wrong land.

·        House not built to your expectations or to estate agents promises.

·        House not finished on time.

·        Land not parcelled so no hope in sight of getting your Koçan.

·        Still on temporary high rates of electricity and water.

·        Lawyer preparing signed and witnessed contracts when you tried to invoke any of the clauses you find out that this contract is worthless.

·        Builder/Contractor nowhere to be seen when you have a problem.

·        Estate Agents selling properties without permits and taking their full commission before permits are granted.

 We are sure that many of you reading this letter have had, and maybe are still experiencing, some of these or related problems. Has the Architect’s, builder’s, estate agent, lawyer’s error cost you extra, unbudgeted money?

We think something constructive should be done to correct all existing problems and to ensure that building laws and purchasers rights are tighter in the future.

 We would like to prepare a database of all your problems and approach someone in authority, like the Interior Minister, to ensure that there is accountability on the wrongdoer’s side and to enact some laws for the future that protects the foreign purchaser.

 To this end we will be in Shakers Bar (opposite Beyti Restaurant) in Girne at 7.30pm on Tuesday 13rd September 2005.  If you would like to be included please come along and share your problems, views, ideas, etc. with us.  We can be contacted on 0533 876 3780.

 Debs, Rich & Maz

Girne & Lapta