Press Release: 1st March 2006


The committee of the HomeBuyers' Pressure Group wish to point out that they have no association whatsoever with the "Consumer Pressure Group" either in person or input on the "Consumer Pressure Group" website. It is not our brief to name and shame. The HomeBuyers' Pressure Group would, at the same time, like to take this opportunity to thank the press, and those lawyers, builders, estate agents who have co-operated in the past to resolve various legal and construction problems associated in the completion of properties. We hope that those companies who have not yet co-operated with us in the past will be more inclined to work with the HomeBuyers' Pressure Group in the future. 

We, as a group, intend to liaise with the aforementioned companies and go forward together, to bring about more successful conclusions to the many problems which still face our members.

1st MARCH 2006