Press Release: 10th September 2005

Issued to: Cyprus Times
Issued  by: Marian Stokes

Published: 13 September 2005


For anyone experiencing problems with Estate Agents, Builders, Lawyers following a property purchase a meeting of like-minded people is being held tonight, Tuesday 13th at 7.30 pm in Shakers Bar (opposite Beyti Restaurant). 

We know that there are a lot of people experiencing problems like ourselves and we feel that as a group we would be in a stronger position to approach the highest level in Government to deal with these issues. 

We are all aware that the property boom is due to British investment.

 We are not affiliated to any groups.  We are just normal people with purchase/building problems who can’t get a resolution on our own.  Like us, instead of trying to sort this problem on your own please come along tonight and share your experiences.  The more issues/problems we have on our database the stronger our position.  If you can’t make it tonight but want to be included on our database please call Marian on 0533 876 3780.

 We hope to meet you all later.

Debs, Rick & Marian

Girne & Lapta