This section contains information you should read if you are thinking of buying a property in the TRNC or you are have already bought a property but have not yet received your Koçan (Title Deed)


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PTP Office Telephone No:

00 90 (0)392 611 1127

Documents you must receive

Directions to relevant offices

Documents translation

Property Investment in the TNRC


Advocates owe no duty of care to buyers ..

Legal Protection Cover


Estate Agency Law

Estate Agents Union

Tel 00 90 (0)392 227 3673

fax 00 90 (0)392 227 7492



Construction Association

Tel: 00 90 392 228 8061

Registered builders


Do you have a TRNC Will?

Pinheiro Principles

Buying a property anywhere can be stressful but should also be a good financial investment.  Buying in the T.R.N.C. is no exception as long as you take your time and investigate every aspect of the property, it's location, owner and builder.

The information on this page will guide you through the buying process.  If you have already  bought and are experiencing problems please use the information here to find a solution.                                

Essential reading: Basic Property Laws
  Property Check List
  Permission to Purchase updated 16th August 2010
  Buying  Procedure
  Purchase Quiz
  Property Quiz


Property taxes payable  updated 26/11/2012


Engaging an Advocate not recommended for property purchases

  Lawyers Conference

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Any problems with your purchase?

Re-sale or Re-assignment updated 16th August 2010

Property Tax  

Property Investment in the TNRC

Purchase Procedure Guidelines-HBPG Do's & Don'ts

Purchase Procedure Guidelines - supplied by Baro (Law Society of Northern Cyprus)

More answers from the Interior Ministry

Answers from the Interior Ministry

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