General Meeting

11 October 2005

Update Report 



Good Evening – this month we would like to report on the progress to date of our Group and to advise how I feel we should move forward.


Before we begin we must tell you that we received a very disturbing telephone call from one of our members who told me that they are returning to England because they can no longer endure the harassment from their builder.  They wished us all luck with the Group.


Let me start by re-iterating our aims and ambitions when Deborah, Richard and I set out on this journey.


·         Get everyone with a property purchase problem together so that, instead of all individuals feeling like an island on an Island, we could collate all the problems and issues and get them resolved quickly, lawfully and peacefully.


·         To get some background on how these problems had arisen so we could prevent future buyers falling into the same trap as us.


·         Ensure that this problem does not add to the already bad press and to attempt to create global (especially European) positive awareness of the World isolation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, thereby giving something back to the Turkish Cypriots who have mostly welcomed our presence here.


Now, let me tell you what has been done on behalf of the Group since it’s inception on 13 September 2005.


1.                 Met with Derviş Kemal Deniz, Minister for Economy & Tourism and explained how a few corrupt individuals are damaging tourism – therefore property sales – therefore the economy.  We wanted to get his Department’s support for our issues and he assured us that he would take the matter up with the Council of Ministers.  That was two weeks ago and, despite contacting his office, we have still not received any feedback from his office.


2.                 We met with the President of the Law Association of North Cyprus (Baro) and the President of the Law Association of Lefkoşa.  We presented them with some extracts from our ever-increasing database of problems and, again, sought their support and assistance to eradicate any mal-practices in the legal side of conveyanceing.  They assured us of their support and immediately phoned Özkan Murat’s office to set up a meeting between Interior Ministry, Law Association and the Group.


We had been attempting, unsuccessfully, for three weeks to set up a meeting with either Özkan Murat or his Undersecretary, Ali Alnar.


Again, we have not received any feedback from the Law Association.


3.                 We visited the Chief of Police in Girne outlining the purpose of the Group and asked for his advice.  As most of the problems are a civil matter the Police cannot intervene and they suggested that those with problems should contact a lawyer not connected with the building industry.  They provided two names of lawyers in Girne whom they know not to represent Estate Agents or Builders.


4.                 We contacted Ahmet Luş, President of the Association of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects.  A meeting has been arranged for Wednesday 12 October 2005 at 10:00 in their Lefkoşa offices.


5.                 We contacted the Construction Association in Lefkoşa and we have a meeting arranged for 11:30 on Wednesday 12 October 2005.



6.                 On a Group level we have continued to grow the database and have created awareness for the Group – mainly thanks to the TRNC Press – here with home owners, potential purchasers and with National Institutions who are in a position to help our cause.  We are also being recognised and listened to by home owners and potential home buyers who currently reside outside of the TRNC.


7.                 A website has been set up and, although still undergoing construction, it is live and being accessed by at least 100 people every day.


8.                 Set up Task Forces to gather information which, when collated, will be published on our website.


Moving forward we must:


·         Continue to grow our database – increased numbers means increased PRESSURE.


·         Continue to expand the information available on our website.


·         Be patient for a while – we feel certain that when we do manage, and we will, to get all those Institutions working on our behalf, the majority of the current problems and issues will be resolved quickly.


·         Inform any potential property buyers that we may come across in bars, restaurants or wherever of the procedure to follow so that they do not fall foul of the same unscrupulous individuals that we have.  Stuart will brief you on the guidelines that have been agreed.


·         While waiting for improvements we should, as a Group, enjoy the support and social cohesiveness that has started to grow amongst the Group.