General Meeting

10 January 2006

Update Report 



Welcome everyone and wishing you a Happy New Year.  2006 will be the year for getting their problems sorted and receiving their Koçans


Terry Wright’s article re Article 159 in all Turkish newspapers, now only 4% of property affected, instead of 90+%.


Terry received full refund on his house plus late penalty payment.


Buyer in Çatalköy had been asked to pay £1,500 agents commission to builder.  Due to Homebuyers Pressure Group intervention this is no longer payable.


Lawyers now hearing both sides of the story and better able to make judgements.


Buyers in Ozanköy Police file re-opened 1 year later.


GOVERNMENT:  No monthly Working Group meeting yet due to financial year end, budgets, New Year celebrations and Bayram.


New rules on title being introduced.


Government investigating 3 construction companies – Aga, North Cyprus Properties and Santa Fe.


Top Lefkoşa lawyer informed us that, if we are too demanding in the Court, the Judge will say that we did not do our proper due diligence at purchase time.




Starting on the 17th January 2006 in Firemans Fez for East side and 24th January in r.Hayat for West side.  Then alternative weeks on either side.  A list of builders has been distributed tonight and they will be published in local newspapers and on our new website.


At the first meeting a sub-committee will be formed who will be responsible for collating all the information applicable to one company.  The Steering Committee will then compile a full report and, when completed, present it the government’s working group to action.


It is hoped that the information gathered will enable the government understand how the problems arose and, from that point, be in a position to tighten existing laws, enact new laws and adopt proper regulations, standards and controls to ensure that foreign investments in the TRNC are secure.  All this, of course, will take some time and continued pressure on the government.


Attendees at these meetings are urged to bring along copies of all documents relating to their build and all relevant File numbers.  It would also be helpful if everyone could document in date order all relevant events from initial purchase decision time to current date.


When the Group was formed last September and a committee volunteered, Malcolm Channing undertook to set up a website for us and to act as Web Technician.  The majority of the committee understood that the website would act as a tool for relating factual information regarding the property purchase process and also to create international visibility for the Group. However, due to differences of opinion, Malcolm has decided to run his own website which is independent of the Homebuyers Pressure Group and we are currently in the process of transferring the domain name to Marian Stokes.  This transfer should be completed during the next few days and the website will then belong to the entire Group.