General Meeting

6 November 2005

Update Report 



This Group was initially started as a tool for gathering and collating problems and issues encountered by, in particular, foreign purchasers of property in the TRNC.  With this growing bank of information we contacted every government in the hope that someone would listen to us.


Alongside this, we established another vital tool – our website – to highlight our findings so that all concerned were in no doubt as to our intentions.


We are now happy to announce that both systems have worked.


Last week the Group with the Prime Minister, Mr Soyer, and the relevant ministers and organisations involved in the construction industry.   This was the second meeting with Mr Soyer in the space of three weeks.  The purpose of the meeting was for all present to hear the concerns and issues of the homebuyers and for Mr Soyer to oversee the establishment of a Working Group in an attempt to obtain a resolution to these issues.

As this is a new development for us all, the fine details have yet to be clarified. However, the Prime Minister clearly stated at that meeting that the Homebuyers Pressure Group would meet the government's group on a monthly basis, starting next week. These meetings are designed for us to present individual cases in order for them to discover the extent of the problems and then agree a resolution.

The Prime Minister is keen to hear all cases where foreigners have felt they have been the victim of discrimination, however minor they may be.

So, moving forward, we must now direct all our pressure on the government and this Working Group while at the same time, allowing them the opportunity to change the attitudes of both the wrongdoers and the purchasers.


Mr Soyer also stated that parliament is currently establishing a new law to control the purchase process.  When a foreigner comes to the TRNC to buy a house they need true information and protection.  Very good.


But what about all those who have already bought, who feel they have no protection and are being victimised and harassed?  The formalised, documented evidence we take to the Working Group should enable them to control the final result for those embroiled in the purchase chain.



Until we sit down with the government’s Working Group and discuss the fine details of procedure we cannot determine how it will develop.  However, as a strong cohesive group, we are in a position to steer the Working Group.  As long as we do produce the documented evidence in a formalised and professional fashion we can achieve our own identity with the government.


Our proposals to this Group would be:


·         Clarify an identity and structure for our presented evidence.

·         Decide on a “severity rating” for the cases being put forward to the monthly Working Group meetings.

·         Hold twice weekly “clinics” to gather, collate and present these cases.

·         Use our website, and all local Press, to publicly announce these cases and their progress.

·         Use our website, when we see some results and changes, to publicly promote North Cyprus as a tourist destination.