E-mail received from a prospective purchaser


Sent: 19 March 2007 08:24

Good Morning Sheila / Don

Thought I should let you know that I met up with the solicitor together with the developer on Friday last week, the meeting went in a way whereas the developer walked out of the room after I refused to make payments in accordance with his payment schedule on a one sided contract he put together because he didn't have a solicitor of his own. (I wanted to made the final payment £25,000 not £10,000 as per contract)

He failed to produce a Building Spec, did not have permission (stamped) for the 3rd bedroom on the ground floor, wanted me to pay the builders tax and was trying to charge extra for most things, and to top it all he's responed to my e.mail to say I had insulted him with the way I handelled negotiations.

Without the chats with your kind selfs and Marian I would have been ill-prepared for such a display of trickery. Thank you.

Please let us know how you go on with the court hearing we are very interested.