e-mail dated 25th February 2008

Dear Marian

Ref our phone call this morning re Stamp duty & Registration details. Please find below our findings of today.
We carried out the above ourselves this morning. We used the Girne offices. It took us approx 2 hours. No hassle & everybody very helpful.
The stamp duty was 0.5%, receipts were automatically given to us. We paid in lira.
All that was required by us, for the stamp duty, was 2 copies of the contract. One contract has to be the original. They keep one & give you the original back. Both copies are stamped with the tax office stamp. The original is required at the Land registration (tapu office) office
The tax office is the same one used for taxing cars.
Land Registry Office   TAPU office by the post office in Girne
Ask for Mrs Engin. (a really very nice very helpful lady, very good English.
Requirements. 2 copies of contract,(one has to be the original) both copies must have Tax office stamp, as above, They use the original for verification & then give it back to you.     Our contract was in English and this was no problem.
2 x copies of passport,  ( of names on the contract)
2 x N34 A forms, these are available from the same office. The form is in Turkish.
Site plans 2 x copies. (this is the Sheet/Plan showing the site plot etc)
Kochan, yours if you have it if not then the land owners Kochan. Again check with Mrs Engin as I did see one lady who did not have it & all went ok.
House drawing plans, internal as per the builders lay out.  If bought from an estate agent then take estate agent house details
Cost was 44.50 Lira. Receipts given.
All in all it was very easy.  If in doubt take as much paper work that you think may be required, they will only take what they want, It is better taking all than having to go back the next day.
The way things change here I would strongly recommend a visit to Mrs Engin first just to check the requirements.
As I say we found it very easy, all were avery helpful people, cannot see why anybody would have to part with hundreds of pounds to a solicitor. Let them get fat some where else.
Hope the above is of help to everybody