The Rambler

20 October 2008

Reference your article ‘Thousands of Homes at Risk’ (Cyprus Today Oct 18-24). 

This article contained a statement from As Bank (a Mr Candan Gayde), he says there is a law which enables buyers to check if there is a Mortgage on the land they propose to buy.

What law

We of the HBPG know only to well that if this law does exist, the buyers were never told that it was their responsibility to check that the land was free of encumbrance – surely this is what solicitors are paid to do?  

Most of our members have contracts stating that there are no encumbrances on their land and that it will be kept clear of encumbrance, only to find that the ‘honourable’ builder has taken a mortgage from the bank shortly after signing the contract. 

We assume that banks in the TRNC give mortgages on legally owned assets, and we appreciate that the builder legally owns the land – but what reasons do the borrowers give when asking for loans? Of course the banks know that the plan is to sell homes on the land – how else are they going to get a return on the loans they give?  Do they check to see if the land had already been sold?  

The banks involvement in these deceptions is clear and cannot be denied. The banks must have been fully aware that the land and properties were going to be sold/are sold, yet still they gave these criminals mortgages, you can make your own judgement on whether these banks are morally bankrupt, in my eyes they are every bit as guilty as the builders! The banks assist the criminals by bypassing them when the debt is due and going straight to the victim for a solution. 

People who registered their contracts early this year have found out that not only has their land and property been mortgaged, they also found injunctions and other impediments put on their land, unbeknown to them. These people need to be very worried. 

The HBPG have proved beyond any doubt that what has been happening in the TRNC to innocent people is widespread and getting worse, we unlike others have told the truth. 

The propaganda put out by the Government, Advocates, Construction Union and Estate Agents Union are lies- you are not protected in any way shape or form when buying in the TRNC. This is not a small problem, it is yet another disaster which will contribute to the collapse of the TRNC economy, because if these propagandists think we are going to keep quiet while the criminals run away with our hard earned savings and put decent people on the streets you can think again.   

I will be suggesting to Marian, the members of the HBPG and all persons who believe these evictions cannot be allowed, that we will be on call to go to any site where evictions are to take place, take photos and record this injustice and release it internationally naming the Bank involved. 

Fact, Contracts not enforced. 

Fact, Laws of the TRNC not enforced by the Government.

Fact, New Estate Agents Law not enforced.

Fact, Illegal Builder Law not enforced.

Fact, Judgements made in court not enforced.

Fact, you are not protected if you buy in the TRNC. 

Can the HBPG prove it? Sadly, yes we can.