Permission to Purchase

New applications are currently taking approximately 3-6 months to process. If your Application was made over 2 years ago, and you have not been informed that you have been approved, there may be a problem with it, or your lawyer / estate agent may have forgotten to inform you that your Permission has been granted or refused.

Get your Application number from whoever filed it on your behalf and either visit the Ministry
to check on it's status (see Directions below) or contact the Interior Ministry, telephone 00 90 392 611 1127.  They will only give information to the applicant or their appointed representative.

Updated   10 November 2011
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Cyprus Today 31/05/08

Permission to Purchase Approvals Listing


The Homebuyers’ Pressure Group were first informed at a meeting with the Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry on Wednesday 19th October 2005 that "no one should enter into any Property Sales Contract or pay any deposits on properties until they have received their Permission to Purchase from the Interior Ministry. This has been reiterated on several occasions since October 2005.

This is the law.  You must decide whether or not to wait but remember,if you do not wait, you could be refused Permission. If that happens, even if you have paid for the property in full, you can never own it.

Foreigners are permitted to buy one property on no more than one donum of land per family unit (family unit means husband, wife and unmarried children). However, if the property is completed and registered on the kocan (title deed) you are permitted up to five donums of land.

The Undersecretary also advised that potential purchasers should submit and expedite their own Application and that the services of an Estate Agent or Lawyer/Solicitor are not required for this process.  This service is provided free by the TRNC government.

How to apply for your Permission to Purchase




From w/e 04/10.06 to 27.06/07 the Interior Ministry supplied us with the weekly Council of Ministers PTP approvals listing.  We have prepared a spreadsheet showing Application Numbers, Approval Number and Date of Approval. If your number appears on our weekly update you should give the Approval Number and Date to whoever made the Application on your behalf who should start the title transfer process  The next stage is for both you and the seller to pay the relevant taxes and the land owner then signs over the Koçan (Title Deed) to you.  On the 25th July 2007 the Interior Minister withdrew supplying us with further approval lists.



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