Documents you should have been given   Updated 23 December2009

If you are considering purchasing a property in the TRNC ensure that you receive a copy of all the documents listed below for every property you view.  If the person you are buying from (estate agent, builder) does not give you every document then it is advisable not to purchase that property.  According to the TRNC laws, no building can commence until the VIZE and Building Licence/Permit have been issued.

If you have already purchased a property and do have all these documents please contact either your lawyer, builder or estate agent and insist on receiving them immediately. 

If the construction company / builder does not own the land (see Koçan above) you must also receive a copy of the Agreement between landowner and builder and a copy of the Power of Attorney.  Both these documents will be in Turkish and we would advise you to have them translated. It costs 25 lira per A4 page, please contact us for details.