How to apply for Permission to Purchase

NOTE: If your Permission to Purchase has been applied for by a third party please insist on your Application Number, as you have probably paid a lot of money in advance for it.

·         Go to the Ministry for the Interior offices in Lefkoşa, ask for Sevil.

·         Take with you:

o        1 copy of your passport

o        1 copy of a certified Tapu Site Plan (supplied by Estate Agent or Lawyer)

o        1 copy of the Koçan (supplied by Estate Agent or Lawyer)

o        Reference from the Police of your home country, or a copy of your Residency Visa stamp in your passort.

 o        1 copy of your Sales Agreement

o        Letter of application from yourself

·         Complete the Permission to Purchase Application Form

·         Leave all the documents with Sevil and allow her at least one week to open your file and assign a file number.  Either visit or telephone Sevil after that time and ask her for your file number.  This number is vital as it is the only way you can monitor progress of your application through the system.

Important telephone numbers:

Interior Ministry        00 90 (0)392 611 1127
Immigration Office    00 90 (0)392
Land Registry           00 90 (0)392