Recommendations for Solutions to Property Problems

Handed to Prime Minister, Ferdi Soyer

November 2005


Estate Agents

All businesses selling property in the TRNC should be closed down pending licensing and regulations being put in place.

A Government controlled Association of Estate Agents should be established to control such licences and regulations.

An annual licence fee of, say £5,000 could be charged to all those perceived eligible to conduct such business.  This fee could be utilised to run the Association.


All developers, contractors and builders not registered with and regulated by the Construction Association should be removed from building sites.  The Construction Association should ensure that only those with relevant qualifications are eligible to obtain Certification from them.

All building sites should be inspected to ensure that proper Planning Permission is in place and all those building without such permissions should be fined and charged.


All Lawyers should be made take an Oath to uphold the laws in a proper and impartial manner.  Regulated disciplinary action should be taken against any lawyer who is charged with a breach of this Oath and should be removed from practice pending the outcome of the Disciplinary Council’s investigations.


Current Problems

·         In cases where the estate agent is found to be in breach of the laws of the TRNC their assets should be confiscated and used to reimburse, with interest, any purchasers who have suffered financial loss as a result of estate agent’s breach.

·         In cases where no Application for Planning Permission has been submitted the contractors assets should be confiscated and used to reimburse, with interest, those who have purchased such properties.

·         An Arbitration Council should be set up to mediate on behalf of all parties who are affected by the current property situation.

·        The Koçans for all properties and land should be “frozen” at the time Planning Permission is submitted.  These Koçans should be held in Trust until such time as the transfer of property is complete.

·        All outstanding Permissions to Purchase should be processed as a matter of urgency.  A special task force should be set up to deal with this and the Government should issue a list of paperwork required from applicants to ensure that the process is completed speedily and correctly.