Engaging an Advocate (lawyer)  updated 23 February 2011

The Concise Oxford Dictionary describes conveyance as (document effecting) transfer of title and conveyancer as lawyer who prepares documents for conveyance of property. The majority of TRNC advocates do not provide a conveyance service.

Please read Cyprus Star 31 October 2008 Advocates owe no duty of care to buyers

Although there is a Law Society and all advocates must be registered members before they can legally practice law in the TRNC,  the Law Society (Baro) did not regulate or control it's members in the past.  This has now been addressed and Baro need information from you to help them regulate the legal profession.  If you consider that the advocate you engaged did not act in a professional manner to protect your interests you should submit a complaint to the Bar Council, see the Complaints Section for information.

Many TRNC advocates are either directly or indirectly involved in the property construction and/or sales sector.

In order to protect your investment you should interview at least three totally independent advocates before making a decision on who to engage, (independent means that they do not represent any of the other parties involved in your property purchase).

You should agree the list of tasks you wish the advocate to perform on your behalf and get an all-inclusive cost for each individual task.  You should then enter into a Terms of Engagement contract with your chosen advocate itemising the tasks, the cost of each task and the estimated timescales involved. All prices should be quoted in Turkish Lira and an official receipt (fatura) issued for all payments.

DO NOT PAY IN ADVANCE. It may be applicable to pay a retainer fee of approximately 200ytl.  All other payments should be made when the task has been completed to your satisfaction.

If, for some reason, your property purchase does not proceed as per your contract and you wish to instigate legal action against the vendor or construction company you should engage a different advocate for this as the initial one may be implicated in your litigation case for negligence.

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08 December 2008

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