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Updated  28 January 2011 - Lawyers

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PTP: If you can please visit the Interior Ministry with your application number to check on it's current status (see directions in left hand column).  The Ministery will only deal with the applicant or their Power of Attorney.  Permissions office telephone 00 90 392 611 1127.


Building Permit: Please read the Property Quiz in the left hand column. If you are not certain that there is a building permit for your property or site please ask your vendor or lawyer to give you a copy of the Building Permit (Bina Ruhsati) or the 'B' (project) file  number.

If they won't or can't supply either the permit or the file number please visit your local Belediye office with your sales agreement, copy koçan and district site plan to enquire if they can help (they are not obliged to give you any information).

If the Belediye can't help please visit the local Kaymakamlik (District Office) with the same documents.

If you do know the 'B' file number and are not certain if the building permit has been paid for and issued the Kaymakamlik will give you this information.

NOTE: if your site is large it may have more than one building project file.


Final Approval: When all the work has been completed in accordance with the the project submitted the vendor can apply for final approval. The cost of this is 10% of the building permit/licence fee and normally works out at no more than 70 lira per property. The Kaymakamlik will also assist you with this issue.

NOTE: Please do not make any structural changes to your property or plot until you are certain the Final Approval Certificate has been issued.


Perselisation: Perselistation is the process of separating undivided land into single koçans, measuring and certifying each of the divided plots and registering the property on the koçan. If this is not applied for before building commences it can not then be applied for until a Final Approval certificate has been paid for and issued.

If all the buyers are in possession of a Share (Hisse) koçan you can apply collectively. A list of companies certified to carry out parcelisation is available by e-mailing or at the Pia Bella every Tuesday. Percelisation should cost no more than £700 per property and includes marking and certifying all boundaries on the District Site Plan, splitting the original kocan(s) into separate kocans for all the properties and registering the property details on each kocan..

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