Declaration on Gary Robb

I hereby, the owner of signature below, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (hereinafter TRNC) Mr Serdar Denktash on behalf of the TRNC Council of Ministers declare that after concluding the TRNC Council of Ministers meeting on 22nd February 2006 the following have been agreed with regards to Gary John Robb's current status.

 Release of Monies:

    The frozen status of all bank accounts relating to Gary Robb in the TRNC will be lifted where Mr Robb will be able to use such under the supervision of the TRNC Central Bank mainly on me basis of ensuring that the monies are used for the purposes of completing the works on the properties.

   Currently there exist neither any money laundering allegations nor any other charges connected thereto against Gary Robb in the TRNC.

The Attorney General has some AGA Development customers' contracts in his office. Such copies shall be accessed by Gary Robb (during his presence and/or after reaching a mil settlement) or his designated agent and/or legal representative if so requested.

At the time of reaching a settlement with the Ministers the Government shall appoint an independent attendant/administrator (kayyun) who shall, together with the Minister of Internal Affairs and Gary Robb, issue a press statement clearing Gary Robb of all money laundering allegations and informing the public that he is back in business, taken over his company and finishing the works on the properties.

Once the properties are completed, co-operative press statement by the Government and Gary Robb will also be made.

Money Laundering Allegations in the TRNC:

 If needed, on his arrival Gary Robb will act in any co-operative manner in the interests of justice with the Police and/or any other competent authority or authorities.

In this instance a leave and assistance for obtaining current information about the progress of investigations against the perpetrators will be provided by the Council-

Revocation of TRNC Citizenship:

TRNC Council of Ministers Decision revoking Gary Robb's citizenship (dated 2L12.2005 - 2330/2005) will be overturned once a full settlement is reached between the parties.

If mere appears sufficient evidence to rebut the drug allegations against Gary Robb such will also be taken into account by the Council

Therefore, as stated in the relevant decision that Gary Robb had caused a great loss to property purchasers; this was due to the perpetrators fake declarations so as to prevent him from returning coupled with threats for his life should he returned to the TRNC

Interim Orders: (currently around 136)

The Government shall provide a document to Gary Robb which shall contain the fact that he is back in business, taken over the works so that under the supervision of the Government will complete the works as practicably as possible once a full settlement is reached between the parties.

 Hasan Findik's and Cafer Gurcafer's Involvement:

Hasan  Frndik's   and   Cafer   Gurcafer's   press   statements   shall   stop immediately since such is jeopardising place's relationships with the customers.

Once problems are settled and Gary Robb takes over, they shall not, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, directly or indirectly interfere and/or be involved as supervisors, directors etc in the completion works and any other matters connected therewith.

 Press StatementOnce problems are settled, a joint press release with the Government concerning the fact that Gary Robb is back in business taking over the company under the supervision of the Government and is free of all money laundering and drugs allegations shall be made.

Gary Robb will be delighted to co-operate and sign any document in order to reach a settlement of any kind with the Ministers for the well being of TRNC economy and the property market



Mr Serdar Denktash TRNC Minister of Foreign Affairs.

 It follows long and difficult negotiations by his family and representatives in Cyprus and marks a huge step forward in the desire to have homes completed.