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Updated  11 February 2011 - Lawyers
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Thanks to the hundreds of you who took time to complete the Lawyer Assessment Form which provided vital information for us to determine the extent of the issues caused by some lawyers. As a result of your input the TRNC Bar Council are now taking all complaints against lawyers seriously and have recently achieved amendments to CAP. 2 Advocates Law which give them more authority to deal with official complaints. "The new law provides to Local Bars an authority to make disciplinary inspection on their members. By the way the governance the members is now more effective and easier. Also, by the new law, complaints about advocates shall be made to the related Local Bar Commission. After preliminary investigation of the Local Bar Commission, they shall to transfer the investigation report to the Bar Council and even the Local Bar Commission shall give a notice about his/her complaint to the complainant.The Bar Council is entitled to accept and/or to alter the decision of the Local Bar Commission either on its own motion or on the objection of the complainant. The decision of the Bar Council can be challenged before to the Supreme Administrative Court. Even, the Disciplinary Board of the Cyprus Turkish Bar Association shall give a notice about its proceedings to the related parties and the proceedings and/or the decisions of the Disciplinary Board can be challenged before to the Supreme Administrative Court."
All complaints must be formally submitted in writing, with backup evidence, to the local Bar Council who will investigate all aspects of the complaint.  The complaint must be in Turkish and you must submit original with four copies (backup evidence must be attached to all copies).

The initial investigation will take approximately 4 weeks after which time you will be informed if your complaint is valid or not. If the complaint appears to be valid it will be forwarded to the Bar Council of The Turkish Republish of North Cyprus for action.

The address for the Bar Council of Kyrenia is c/o Akter Law Firm, Namik Kemal Cad., No 10/5 (P.O. Box: 661), Girne, Mersin 10, Turkey.

We also intend taking a class action case against at least one lawyer for gross negligence and/or fraud. If you think this should be against your lawyer and you are willing to contribute towards the cost, please e-mail    Read  Cyprus Today 29 January 2011


If you are experiencing difficulties getting your property and site completed and obtaining your title deeds please either visit Marian in the Pia Bella Hotel any Tuesday afternoon or e-mail for advice on how to proceed.

Please read:

Estate Agents

The Estate Agents Union are also taking buyer's complaints seriously if you forward a factual account of your issues to, with a copy to  We will also have regular meetings with the Estate Agents Union to follow progress.


General consumer complaints

Please contact the Consumer Association on 0392 228 9520 or e-mail  If you have a complaint it is best to make an appointment with Hasan Yilmaz Işık. You will be charged a fee for this service.


Registering your problem/complaint will not jeopardise any negotiations you are involved in with your builder or anyone else.  If you do not want the illegal building to continue you must inform the correct authorities as they are the only people who can correct the mistakes of the past and ensure that all property investments are secure in the future. 


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