Ecological and Environmental Disaster in Alsancak, North Cyprus



Set between the Kyrenia range of mountains and the sea, this alleged Oasis is built into a natural ravine facing the sea on the northern coast of Cyprus




The TRNC government is worried about tourism and the economy. Have they stopped to think why people have no desire to visit here any longer?  An unregulated, uncontrolled construction industry and a government that is too busy looking abroad to Europe and America to see the mess that is on their doorstep.

Set within walking distance from the 'Escape Beach'. Have you ever thought of owning a piece of heaven? This could be it or it could be a “Nightmare”. What would it be like? Living in and owning a property in an exclusive residential complex under perpetual blues skies, close to a sparkling virgin beach with a dramatic backdrop of mountains? Or living below this property, wondering what will happen if the heavy rains come?

Now a greater, potentially life threatening, problem is unfolding right in front of our eyes. Valleys are disappearing into concrete, natural ravines are being filled with loose soil to build hideous holiday complexes. Forget that the indigenous beauty of this once enchanting island is being destroyed. Has anyone, other than the Homebuyers’ Pressure Group, questioned how this is being allowed to happen and what will become of these buildings in the event of a natural disaster such as torrential rain or an earthquake?

The brochures say that Northern Cyprus offers a temperate climate, a gentle way of life and a relaxed and friendly welcome from the local inhabitants. Quite apart from the huge range of cultivated flowers, North Cyprus is a rich botanical area with literally hundreds of species of wild flowers from crown anemones and pink rock roses to purple iris and yellow crowfoot. From February to June, many areas of Northern Cyprus are carpeted with colourful wild flowers. The birds and the butterflies also are glorious, lizards abound. But you have to ask FOR HOW MUCH LONGER when you see the unregulated, uncontrolled construction industry. We at HomeBuyers' Pressure Group believe it is time the TRNC government took action.