Property Tax

Property Tax is payable to the local Belediyesi as soon as the property is built even if it has no electric or water.  The current rate is 1 ytl per square metre plus 25% of the total for a pool, i.e. 150 sq mt covered space = 150 ytl plus 37.50 ytl pool tax = total per year 187.50 ytl.

This tax should be paid annually by the landowner, however many don't bother and a late payment penalty is imposed.  All property tax and penalties must be paid before water meters will be issued to the purchaser and before title transfer takes place.

We have been advised to let all buyers know that they should visit the local Belediyesi with their sales agreement and ask if there is any outstanding property tax issues.  NOTE:  For areas that don't have a Mayor (i.e. Karşıyaka) property tax is paid at the local tax office.

In cases where the landowner has abandoned the site the buyers are being asked to pay.

Updated 01 December 2008

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