Sun Villas      updated 17 July 2010

Cyprus Today 14 July 2010    'You can keep your homes... if you have £5,000'

Cyprus Today 15 August 2009    'Don't blame us' says lawyers

Cyprus Today 25 July 2009     OPINION: Beware lurking danger

Cyprus Today 18 July 2009  Villa owners hope for 'buy-out' to pay debt

Cyprus Today 15 July 2009  People power

Cyprus Today 15 July 2009  Sun Villas: A case to watch

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Read letter from Advocate Munir Akil who acted for some of the buyers

Cyprus Today 11 July 2009    Owners vent fury at auction

Cyprus Today 13 June 2009    'If they sell my house at auction, then I'll be left with nothing'


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