In 1974, after 20 years of struggle between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots, Cyprus was divided. Turkish Cypriots went to the north of the island, leaving behind land and property. Most arrived with no material possessions, jobs or money. 

The international assistance for refugees from both the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities was channelled primarily to the Greek Cypriot side. The administration in the north, faced with this critical problem, allocated land and property to the Turkish Cypriots based on the extent and value of that which they had to abandon in the south. This enabled Turkish Cypriots to have a roof over their heads and, in many cases, to use the land to live off.  

The sanctions which have been applied to North Cyprus since 1974 meant it was inevitable that both land and property would be traded to augment income and to enable Turkish Cypriots to survive. 

In 2002, British couple David and Linda Orams bought a property in North Cyprus in good faith and hold deeds showing legal entitlement given them by the authorities of the TRNC. A Turkish Cypriot family had originally obtained the land in return for property it left in South Cyprus in 1974.

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