Inaugural Meeting

13 September 2005



Chair:         Marian Stokes

Organisers:  Richard Baumgart, Deborah Stewart, Marian Stokes 



Following an announcement in the w/c 10 September 2005 edition of the Cyprus Today newspaper a meeting of disgruntled home purchasers was held in Shakers Bar, Girne on Tuesday 13th September 2005 at 19:30.  The organisers and hosts of the meeting were Richard Baumgart, Deborah Stewart and Marian Stokes.


The purpose of the meeting was to assemble normal people with purchase/building problems who can’t get a resolution on their own.  It was felt that as a consolidated group buyers would be in a stronger position to approach the highest level in Government to deal with their issues.


All attendees were asked to complete a form giving details of their home and problem. 27 of these forms were returned to the organisers.  This information is to form part of an on-going database of problems and issues, some long outstanding, which it is hoped will be resolved quickly.


Marian Stokes called the meeting, of approximately 80 people, to order at 19:45, explained the purpose of the meeting and invited comments from the floor.  Contributions were received from many of the attendees and a lively, if somewhat disturbing, exchange of stories took place.


Bertil Wedin, representing Cyprus Today, addressed the congregation and advised them that they should elect a committee who could represent them (and their problems) at whatever level was needed to resolve all outstanding issues.


The group decided on HomeBuyers Pressure Group as their signature and the following volunteered as Committee members:


Conny Larson – Chairman

Marian Stokes – Secretary

Malcolm Channing

Stuart Hillard

Peter Davis

Terry Wright


A Committee Meeting was arranged for Tuesday 20th September 2005 at 19:30 in Shakers Bar.