General Meeting

07 February 2006




Steering Group:  June Hall, David James, Pat James,Diana Peek, Deborah Stewart, Marian Stokes, Nigel Watson

Minutes:            Sheila Vango



The meeting was opened at 7.30 pm by Marian Stokes, who offered apologies on behalf of Connie Larsson, who is travelling abroad.


Marian offered a warm welcome to all new members and thanked those present for attending on yet another wet and windy evening. She remarked how pleasing it was to see old faces as well as new, but also reiterated how important it was to keep the momentum going and to encourage others to join the group. It has become evident that to make progress we must provide concrete evidence of poor builders and unprofessional behaviour from our database and to do that people must make an effort and attend the meetings, or at the minimum -  stop moaning and document their problems!


HBPG Member Meetings

Marian thanked all those who attended the 17 January 2006 meeting at the Firemans Fez to discuss and complete Personal Information forms relating to builders in the east of Kyrenia.  Information was gathered on Bulent Unar (Poets village), Aga (Amaranta Valley, Çatalköy, Zeytinlik), Beydola (Çatalköy).


This meeting was followed up by a meeting on the West side at r.hayat on the 24 January, where information was gathered about Capstone. Santa Fe, Ca-Sa, Club Hermes.


A third meeting was held at the Octopus Park on the 1 February 2006 to discuss Aga only. From this meeting it was concluded that an Aga co-ordinator was required and Sheila Vango offered to facilitate that role. She can be contacted on should you have any information or queries. Her role will include collecting case histories and disseminating all reliable Aga information when it is released. 


Official Meetings

Marian reported that although a lot of internal work had been done since December’s meeting, little progress has been made in the public arena, especially regarding the Governments promise to set up a working party to tackle the issues raised by members. This is very disappointing.


She has been given various reasons for the delay – New Year, Bayram, Financial Year End accounts, bird flu etc, etc.  Although these are all valid reasons – delays have gone on long enough and a meeting is being sought with the Prime Minister this week.


There has been a measure of success in gaining the support of Cafer Gürcafer, President of the Construction Association, who will investigate members complaints against specific builders as we collect and present the information to him. He has indicated that he will deal quickly with our concerns – up to four a month – but needs us to supply the data.


The information gathering gleaned at the working parties that have been held so far, will go a long way to providing this information, Marian simply asked those who are still completing case histories to ensure they are handed into a committee member as soon as possible. It is imperative we strike while the iron is hot and someone is willing to listen.


Success Stories

There have been some small victories – which are important nevertheless as the business community start to realise that we will not tolerate poor service.


Munir Akil repaid one of our members £500, when he was tackled about a bill she had paid for work not completed.


Another member succeeded in getting back all monies paid, plus late penalty clause monies from his builder Hedron.


Derek Jolly succeeded in getting the Attorney General to open a case on the business practices of the builders, banks, solicitors and estate agents embroiled in the Poets Village saga.



Discussion centred on Power of Attorney forms.


Due to the fact that most of us return to the UK whilst our properties are being built a Power of Attorney form is usually requested by the estate agent, builder or solicitor so that forms can be signed on your behalf for electric, water and other infrastructure requirements.


Once you take up residency here -  you should cancel your Power of Attorney, as you are now available to sign anything that may be required. This can be done by requesting the original back from whomever you gave it to. There was some discussion regarding the necessity of a repudiation of the original by a Noter to take to the land registry office who MAY hold a copy of your Power of Attorney on file and it was concluded that no one seemed to know if that defiantly takes place and was therefore required!


As usual, nothing is straight forward here and we will endeavour to find out the correct version of events to ensure you are safeguarded.


 Other business

 Marian reported that the new website is almost ready to be launched. The site is being designed and hosted by Sunny Cyprus, but the content of the site will be fully under the control of the HBPG committee. The new website can be found at


The Valentines’ Love Your House Party is scheduled for Friday 17th February, with a disco and buffet on offer. This is a fund raising event, so please come along, enjoy the evening and help to fund essentials such as telephone calls, petrol, paper, printing etc


The meeting drew to an end at 9pm after the public forum.