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 Did you give Power of Attorney to this lawyer    

Main Contact  If yes, was it in Turkish   
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What services did you initially engage this lawyer to perform?

Prepare your sales agreement in accordance with the TRNC laws
Apply for Permission to Purchase on your behalf
Pay stamp duty
Prepare a Will
Other, please specify

Were all aspects of the lawn governing your purchase fully explained to you?

  • That you must have Permission to Purchase before you should proceed with the purchase?  
  • That your purchase entitlement is one property per family unit on no more than one donum of land 
  • That the construction company must be registered with Inşaat Incumeni?

  • That a VIZE and Building Permit must be granted before construction commences?

  • That full infrastructure must be in place before work is started on properties

  • That there is no law which states the title owner must transfer the title to you even if you have paid in full for your property
  • That stamp duty at 0.5% of the contract price must be paid within 30 days of signing to legalise your sales agreement 

Were all types of land title fully explained to you?

Were you informed about the implications of buying a property on a plot that had not been sub-divided into separate plots for each property

If you bought on a shared plot of land between Aug 2003 and Jan 2004 were you informed that the applicable law via CAP 109 Section 3 meant that you could not buy on an undivided plot during that time.
Were copies of all relevant documents also attached as appendices to your sales agreement?

  • Koçan 
  • Building Permit

  • Full set of architectural and electrical plans

  • Complete specification as per plans
  • Full details of fixtures and fittings as per plans and included in price

Is the construction company the legal titled owner of the land?

If not, who is named as the vendor on your sales agreement?

If construction company is not the titled owner of the land were you informed that there was an agreement between titled owner and construction company?  

If yes, were all the terms of such Agreement fully explained to you?

Was your Sales Agreement signed and witnessed by all parties at the same time?

How many copies were signed? (please enter number)
Were you given an original signed Agreement
Were you advised that by law stamp duty is payable within 30 days in order to legalise the Agreement?
At time of signing did you pay stamp duty to this lawyer for submiting to the tax office
If yes, did you receive a tax office receipt and a duly stamped agreement?
Were you advised that permission to purchase must be granted by the Council of Ministers before you should proceed with the purchase
Did this lawyer carry out a District Land Office search on the title?
If Yes, were you advised of any encumbrances on the title?
Did you later discover that there was an encumbrance when you purchased?
If Yes please give details

What were you advised regarding this permission?


It is just a formality

It will be applied for when property is completed

Other, please specify  
How soon after entering into Agreement was your permission applied for?
Do you know your Permission to Purchase application number?
Were you automatically advised of application number within a reasonable time after signing Agreement
Have you been kept informed of it's progress
Do you know if Permission has been granted and date granted
If yes, were you immediately informed by this lawyer
Have you received title in your name

      What type


Have you been advised by this lawyer to pay money outside your Sales Agreement

If yes, please give details
Did you pay your property stage payments to this lawyer?

If yes, how was this money demanded?
Did you receive official receipts for all stage payments passed to this lawyer
Did this lawyer keep you informed on all aspects of your property build?
Was your property completed on the date as per Agreement
If No, did this lawyer demand compensation, by means of late completion penalty payments from construction company?
Did you receive any compensation?

How much money in total did you pay to this lawyer?

For legal fees?

For construction company
Did you receive official receipts for all money paid?

Is this lawyer holding any of your money?

If Yes, how much?

Since when?


Have you recently paid stamp duty and registered your Agreement with the District Land Office

Have you been informed of any impediment on the land?

If YES, please specify


Have you now received full title in your own name?

Did you receive a full breakdown of payments and official receipts for your payments

Was this lawyer also representing any of the other parties involved in your property purchase?
If YES, when were you informed?
Do you now feel that this lawyer acted in your best interests?
If NO, have your dispensed with this lawyer's services and engaged another?
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