Mustafa Nalbantoğlu has taken out a full page advert naming buyers he says owes him money.  He states on the front page that I visited the Alsancak site and "witnessed everything with her own eyes". What he forgot to mention was that I saw completed houses with no infrastructure (electric, water, roads), even though he states that these houses were complete in 2004. I also visited Alsancak Belediyesi with him regarding the sub-division of the land and the building pemit. They informed me that they could not progress the files without Nalbantoğlu's permission and he refused to give this.

Nine of the buyers named on page 8 of the Cyprus Times have paid all outstanding payments, either to their lawyer, estate agent or direct to the builder.   Mentesh Aziz is representing them in court, the next hearing is on Wednesday 25th April 2007.  Another buyer has paid all except for the title transfer fee and Nalbantoğlu has informed me that she will never get her title.  She is also taking Court action and has been waiting to move into her house since April 2004.

Marian Stokes

23 April 2007