Aga Development Meeting

Firemans Fez

8 May 2006


 Speakers:      Mert Güçlü, Lawyer for Gary Robb and Aga Development and AGA Finance Ltd

Cafer Gürcafer. Head of Constructors Association / Director of Development and AGA Finance Ltd

Glenn Howie, Director of Aga Development and AGA Finance Ltd

Gary John Robb, Director of Aga Development and AGA Finance Ltd


A member of the Amaranta Valley Support Group opened the meeting by saying that the directors of Aga Construction were in attendance tonight to give everyone a quick update of recent events which will be confirmed by the newspapers, tv and radio stations of the TRNC. After Glenn Howie’s brief presentation on the events taking place within the last 8 months, Mert Güçlü took the floor and started by saying he was passing on information that was due to become public knowledge shortly and that he would not be able to address individual concerns.


He stated that the Aga Development directors had all been changed and now consisted of:


A government representative:      Cafer Gürcafer

The Lawyer:                              Mert Güçlü

Representing Aga:                      Glenn Howie

                                              Gary Robb


Mert Güçlü started by saying he and Glenn Howie had been working hard for the past eight months to clear Gary Robb of the allegations against him.  By his presence here today, you can see he is a free man and the truth of the whole affair will become public knowledge soon.


That Cafer Gürcafer had been instrumental in opening many doors which might otherwise have remained closed and that Gary Robb himself had been campaigning for the past nine months to come back to the TRNC in safety, to clear his name. Many people did not want him back, but when the government were faced with the evidence collected, they joined forces with us to ensure that everybody gets their houses.


At the moment, contracts are being re-drafted to include a new completion date, all other terms and conditions will mainly remain the same, as stated previously and there is no expectation of further monies to be required, over and above your contractual obligations. We are asking for everyone’s co-operation in this matter as we have to work together to complete this project. It is necessary to adjust the completion date as no work has been done for the past nine - ten months and is unlikely to start en-mass for another two.  The building materials which were on site to complete the various projects have been stolen and new supplies are being ordered, but most need to be shipped to the TRNC and distributed from there, for example we need 150000 tons of steel.  As soon as we have delivery dates for all these materials, the sooner we can let you know when work will commence with full construction teams on site.  Other administration details have to be sorted - new bank accounts to be opened jointly with the government for instance, new offices to be sourced, staff for both the sites and new offices.


He reiterated that a central point for information would be available soon and thanked Larry Smith for the information his Bulletin Board has provided. He stated that people can e-mail him with their details – it is better to have them twice and correct, than not at all.  Information sent to him should contain basic details such as Name, your contact details – address, phone, mobile and e-mail, Plot Number, site, contract date, sales price, proof of payments made and any outstanding payments.  Larry said that he is compiling a spreadsheet which will highlight any duplicate sales of plots so would also welcome your details. (Contact details to be added )


Mert Güçlü also stated that the only people who represent Aga are the four people currently here, that no one else has the authority to speak for Aga.  Please do not deal with any other person, anybody else who says they speak for Aga are doing so fraudulently.


Questions were then taken from the floor


Q. Some of the works carried out at some of the sites do not appear to match the original site plans – are new site plans going to be issued?


A. Yes


Q. Some of the buyers have taken out injunctions against Aga – how will these injunctions impact the progress of work?


A. Mert Güçlü stated that he could understand why people had taken injunctions to protect their investments, especially in the early days when information was thin on the ground and negative in its content.  However, now that the government was involved and giving a guarantee to all buyers, they are all but redundant. It depends on the exact nature of the injunction, most are to secure investment and should not impact the progress of work, but it goes without saying that in theory it would be better if the land was injunction free.  Most of the lawyers in the TRNC should be able to advise the buyers who have injunctions as to whether they are still necessary, given the promises that have been given by the government.


Q. It has been stated that the necessary permissions to build have not been obtained – what is happening about this?


A. Any permission that is required will be dealt with by the government and fast tracked if necessary – the government are committed to completing this project.


Q. It has been stated that purchasers of properties on sites close to military establishments may have their Permission to Buy turned down – is there any truth in that?


A. They do not anticipate problems of this nature; the necessary investigations were carried out prior to work commencing.


Q. Some people have purchased their homes via a mortgage (finance package) will that still be honoured?


A. Depending on where the mortgage was obtained, yes – all your existing Terms and Conditions of Contract will mainly remain.


Q. When do you estimate that full work will commence at Amaranta?


A. We are working on 2 months, once we have all the materials necessary.


Q. Although we appreciate that the completion date will be extended, some of us have incurred additional expenses, not of our making, due to this situation – will there be any sort of compensation?


A. It is very early days yet to be making promises on these matters. Many people have individual problems as a result of this delay – but the important thing is to move forward with your co-operation as smoothly as we can, without being sidetracked by these matters.  Let us get the main work done first, get you into your houses and then we can look at these things.


Q. Some people have applied to the courts in the TRNC to get their money back – they no longer want their houses – what is going to happen there?


A. If the courts decide that is appropriate and says they can have their money back then their funds will be returned.


There were no further questions and this section of the meeting closed.


Cafer Gürcafer then spoke to everyone, using Mert Güçlü as translator.  He thanked those present who had kept this issue in the headlines over the past few months, including Marian of the HBPG. He said that without these peoples input and information gathering the task would have taken longer. He also said it was through constructive discussion that this matter was being resolved and called again for everyone to co-operate with the new company to ensure that everyone was dealt with fairly and ended up with their property.


That a new team of technicians, executive and support staff was being pulled together and would be contacting everyone shortly to confirm their details and to get new contracts in place.  He said that given the enormity of the task, please do not change your mind about anything to do with your build (extras) – their aim was to deliver what was promised in the past.


Lastly, he hoped that one day soon, the truth behind this delay would be public knowledge and the perpetrators would get their just punishment.  In the meantime, he urged everyone once again to look to the future and do all they can to assist, rather than hinder, the projects completion.