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This is the only official website controlled by the Homebuyers Pressure Group.  We are not associated with any other websites or MSN Groups using the name Homebuyers Pressure Group.


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Updated  20 August 2009

It is free to join our Group.  You can register by contacting us either by phone or e-mail.

Contact details:

Tel: 00 90 533 876 3780



Established: 13 Sept 2005

Initially organised by:

Deborah Stewart

Marian Stokes


Status:  Voluntary

The Homebuyers Pressure Group was formed following a notice posted in Cyprus Today issued on 10 September 2005.  This notice stated: 

House Problems? House buyers experiencing problems with their builder, estate agent or lawyer have been invited to a meeting in Girne on Tuesday.  Organisers of the meeting, to take place in Shakers Inn at 7:30pm say “ we think something constructive should be done to correct all existing problems and to ensure that building laws and purchasers’ rights are tighter in the future.  We would like to prepare a database of all your problems and approach someone in authority, such as the Interior Minister, to ensure that there is accountability on the wrongdoer’s side and to enact some laws for the future that protect the foreign purchaser”.  For information call 0533 876 3780. 

Approximately 80 people attended that meeting and thereafter the database of problems grew as the organisers held fortnightly meeting to report on progress with the relevant Authorities and to provide a means for homebuyers to express their frustrations regarding their home purchase.  

The initial aims of the Group’s organisers were:

  • Get everyone with a property purchase problem together so that, instead of all individuals feeling like an island on an Island , they could collate all the problems and issues and get them resolved quickly, lawfully and peacefully.

  • To get some background on how these problems had arisen thereby preventing future buyers falling into the same trap.

  •  By achieving both of the above, to create global (especially European) positive awareness of the World isolation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus .  Also to reduce the fodder for the Greek propaganda machine and maybe give something back to the Turkish Cypriots who have mostly welcomed foreign investors’ presence here.

The Group, administered by Marian Stokes with the help of the members, is a non-funded co-operative made up of like-minded individuals. We are currently in negotiations with the government, construction associations, lawyers, estate agents and builders.

We are in the Pia Bella Hotel every Tuesday from 12 to 3pm offering advice and guidance to buyers.


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