The Rambler

Lies, lies, and more lies. 

I would like to start this letter with the article in the Cyprus Today 4-10 October in which the President of the TRNC Mr Mehmet Ali Talat at the meeting of Pace stated the following.

Turkish Cypriots were a people which followed human values at the highest levels and who believed in and struggled for human rights, supremacy of law, social justice and progress in democracy.

So let us now look at the truth Mr Mehmet Ali Talat, yes human values and human rights for the 160000 Turkish Cypriots but no human values and no human rights for the 100000 none Turkish Cypriots, which is clearly shown in the discriminate polices of your Government.

No interpreter in courts which this Government promised would be supplied clearly a breach of the Human Rights Act, no right to demonstrate even if you have lived here for years.

Court cases deliberately delayed if you are none Turkish Cypriot.

Extra cost if you are not Turkish Cypriot, so it goes on. 

Supremacy of law, social justice, this has got to be the biggest lie.

300 illegal builders.

Over 100 illegal estate agents.

Advocates breaking the laws of the TRNC at will.

Judges and Magistrates not enforcing the laws of the TRNC, not enforcing their own judgements unless of course you happen to be Turkish Cypriot.

Police refusal to act on threats and intimidation even attacks, saying it’s a civil matter unless of course a Turkish Cypriot makes the complaint then watch your fingers in the cell door.

Yes Mr Talat over 5years we have seen first hand Turkish Cypriot so called social justice and supremacy of law. 

The HBPG and the Government Property Complaints Office has, proved with documented evidence which you Mr Talat and this government have had for years, the illegal behaviour of Advocates, builders and estate agents, you and your government have done nothing to stem this tide of criminality, the so called laws you have brought in are not enforced so they are not worth the paper they are written on because what are laws if they are not enforced.

These criminals are still creating victims with Mr Talat and the Governments full cooperation.

Mr Talat and Government Ministers, you swore under the Constitution to uphold the laws of the TRNC a constitution you have broken and which you refuse to honour, so clearly you are responsible for created hundreds of victims of all nationalities and to the HBPGs dismay you are still creating more victims. 

So please tell us Mr Talat where is your so called Supremacy of law and Social Justice where are the 160000 Turkish Cypriots with their human values, human rights, social justice, if your statement at Pace were true we would have 160000 Turkish Cypriots joining the HBPG to fight the clear miscarriage of justice and discrimination used against foreigners by you and your Government and legal system. 

Lastly I have a mind to send this letter to all the members of Pace, to give them a true picture and extent of the lies they have been told and invite them to a meeting