The Rambler 

The Black Cloud 

There is a black cloud over the economy of the TRNC; it is fed by the ineffective behaviour of this Government, which came to power with promises of ridding the TRNC of corruption. 

The TRNC Government and Unions look around for someone to blame for the current downturn in the constructing sector, at the moment it’s the Brits who dare to voice their dissatisfaction, who will be next? 

Who is really to blame, the buck must stop at the top! 

This Government has allowed illegal activity to thrive; it has broken its own laws and by so doing has created large numbers of victims of all nationalities causing misery to those caught in the trap of no deeds, shoddy builds and no recourse. It is no wonder that such a press causes potential buyers, who upon hearing the truth of the matter; decide to invest their life savings elsewhere.  

There is no excuse the Government could put forward to defend their actions. The laws are there to protect the innocent not the criminals – but they are not implemented. 

I have been trying to figure out why this Government, along with the Construction and Estate Agents Unions have not taken any action to close and bring to justice the 300+ illegal builders and 100+ Estate Agents. 

Please can the Government answer the following? 

I could go on, however my point is, just these few questions brings in to focus how the Government could do something to stop these criminals, they must prosecute these builders, estate agents, and solicitors who continue to flout the law. At the moment the Government is helping to facilitate these criminal acts. 

Why won’t the Government change the Specific Performance Law? Quite simply because without this law, foreigners of all nationalities remain unprotected which serves the corrupt elements within the Government and the criminals masquerading as builders and estate agents. 

Corruption serves no other purpose, than to make the few rich and the majority suffer and in the end the TRNC will cease to exist as an honourable entity and the corrupt element will have done the Greek Cypriots job for them.