We bought our future home in the sun early in 2005, expecting completion as per contract in early 2006. We sold our home in England and arrived in North Cyprus in January 2006 moving into our half finished home in May 2006 rather than continuing renting. Our home is still not complete; we use tankered water and builder’s electric which is 3 times normal cost.

The original developer, Recep Heybetli of Victorian Homes left the country in early 2007. He left us with the above issues plus he had not paid the land owner so along with others on the site we had to pay more cash or potentially be thrown off the site. Unfortunately 2 of the 4 owners on site refused to pay any extra either for land or for building work to be completed. Their argument was they had already paid (one in full!!) and the government would sort things out for them.

We signed another contract with builder Oskan Besok of Karsiyaka to complete our home but this is proving to be a total nightmare. He was the builder for Victorian and although we did not entirely trust him we felt that he knew the site and had the house plans. However with an eye to profit Oskan Besok bought the deeds to the 2 houses that the British people did not appear to want, despite them having paid most of their costs. The two houses with the third unsold site would bring a handsome profit when completed and sold on.

His completion date was June 2008!!! I am sure a large number of others will have had the same experience with builders, this being the best I think. “I have stage payments from other site coming next week and I will be straight on to yours”!! The payments arrive but none is spent on our site.

We had some additional work done but are still awaiting electrical work, ferforje, painting. We have paid to make the house safe, fencing on upstairs terrace and  top of walls with long drop, plus gates.

Our neighbours are paying a large sum to have stone walls completed, driveway made and repair extensive damage made to house by Oskan Besok’s workers.

Oskan Besok brings in his Labour from Turkey, on occasions we have had to supply tools for them to do  work they were set to do. On two occasions at Bayrams we had to lend them money to buy food because Oskan Besok would not pay them. Considering Oskan Besok is a member of the Construction Association the above points would be enough to doubt his membership credentials, my next point must condemn the whole system. When talking to building workers who had to live, in April in a partially completed house with no electric, no doors and windows their abuse is obvious. I asked why they had to keep returning to Eastern Turkey, their homeland and the answer is because of visas ie they had no work permits.

We have been threatened, had our electric supply sabotaged on at least a dozen occasions over the last 4 years but we have to stick it out, (a) this is our home and (b) we sold everything in England.

It is impossible for us to ever get water or electric supply connected because Oskan Besok did not pay for the site building permits as he promised us and our solicitor. He assured us that all permits were in place and electric projects submitted. I wish we knew then what we know now and went to check. It is so easy to do so but people are still coming here and not making those basic checks.

The cost of the Building Permit for the whole site is 20,000TL and rising. You are not able to pay a proportion for your own site, it is all or nothing.

We have considered paying the building permit cost with our neighbours but (a) how do we get our money back for the other 4 houses and (b) even if we pay for the permit there is no guarantee we will have our water connected or an electric project approved.

I think that because we have problems we are more attuned to others and we try to help where we can, for example we were at the Karsiyaka auction on 6th June 2010. There may be another 100 or so of these auctions. It is sad to say that it is not just the banks at fault; it is the builders, estate agents and lawyers who all had some part to play in all this legalised theft. The biggest culprit of all is the government who sit on their collective hands and do nothing.

We have written to everyone from Dr Eroglu down over with the same response as most others we know. It has certainly become more obvious as the last few months have passed that these people do not care. Well they should care, their own country is going down the drain so fast due to their inaction it is getting to the point of will the last one to leave, please turn the lights out.

Dr Eroglu and the Government must now be aware that after two auctions even Cypriots have finally become aware of the ineptitude that is causing the terminal decline of TRNC. Many Cypriots that we have spoken to in the past thought a lot was just the “whinging Brits syndrome”. Now they know otherwise, largely because Turkish Cypriot people also stand to be thrown out of their homes. They have had it done to them already by the Greek Cypriots, now their own people are doing it to them. Cypriots both here and in the UK are seeing their homeland being dragged down into the mire and for what reason – GREED!!!!!!!

I am aware that more auctions are pending however the people involved MUST make sure that their auction details appear in all the press so that nobody should miss it. I would also contact Marian Stokes, if not done so already at the Homebuyers Pressure Group.

You MUST also read all the info on HBPG web site. There is loads of info that will help prevent others falling into the traps that many have fallen into before. It is so easy to check things here to ensure you are not being lied to by builders, estate agents etc WHICH YOU WILL BE!!!!

Because of the way the law is interpreted here we all MUST be very careful in the way we show our frustration. We love living in Northern Cyprus, the people, the climate, the scenery, we even accept the quaint ways of doing things in government departments. We certainly have no intention of leaving as quite a number are now contemplating. All we ask for is the government to get off their rear ends and do something. Most changes required to solve the majority of issues are simple and straight forward. In addition by sorting out the bureaucracy there would, within weeks be millions of TL arriving into the exchequer that are held up by ancient laws, regulations and rogue builders and estate agents.


David Christine Waters



21st June 2010.