The Rambler

 Victims under attack in the TRNC

I am amazed to see both Mr Sungur and Marian Stokes being quoted in this weeks Cyprus Today (22/06/2008) speaking about the nature of complaints that are ruining the Construction industry in the TRNC.  Further I know Marian considers the term "whinging Brits" an insult, as many others do. 

Mr Sungur, attended a meeting of the HBPG on the 21 August last year (please see relevant minutes on the HBPG website). Mr Sungur produced a list of complaints against estate agents and builders which he had obtained from the Property Complaints Office, he told the people at this meeting that the complaints had been investigated and that 98% were fully justified. 

None of these complaints were about trivial things such as wrong tiles or wrong doors; instead they were about fraud, deception, blackmail, intimidation, physical attacks and breaches of TRNC law.  My understanding is that the number of cases currently under investigation by the PCO is 280 plus and more are being received each week. I suggest you revisit the Property Complaints Office and see how the list of victims and crimes has grown and is still growing. 

If, there are a small number of complaints, why would the Government even bother to set up the complaints office, why did the Government and you as the head of the Estate Agents Union bring in the Estate Agents Law, I believe it was to stop further victims being created - not victims of mis-matched tiles, but victims of mis-selling by the unregistered elements of the building industry!  

However, where are the teeth that you spoke of at the meeting on 21 August 2007? How many of the over 100 illegal estate agents have you and this Government shut down, none, they are still trading and creating more victims.  

How many of the legal Estate Agents on your list, have outstanding complaints against them in the Government Property Complaints Office? How are they being dealt with? 

How many of the over 300 illegal builders, who are subject to imprisonment for being illegal, has the Construction Contractors Union or Government shut down? None that we know of. 

Both these illegal groups are doing more damage to the TRNC, than any complainant can ever do. 

I suggest you read the article by Cafér Curcafer, President of the Construction Contractors Union, where he states that the damage to the construction industry is being caused by the illegal builders and shoddy workmanship; he does not blame the victims of these illegal builders for speaking out. 

The Government has ignored laws put in place to protect all peoples in the TRNC, in so doing they have created victims of all nationalities, not just Brits – and they all have voices and will speak about their experiences here. 

Each week at the HBPG Tuesday Surgery, held at the Pia Bella Hotel we get a mixture of potential buyers and victims who have been let down by the system.  We try to advice and guide people through the maze of deception and lies, we even take people to the relevant government agencies if it is necessary and what does it cost, nothing!  We do more to help victims and potential buyers than any other group, more so than the Government, Estate Agents and Builders Union.  

I have been informed by many Turkish Cypriots, that President Talat, Prime Minister Soyer and you Mr Sungur are honourable men, so please can you all explain to the HBPG and the foreign community why, having been given irrefutable proof from the HBPG and from your own investigations through the Government Property Complaints Office, of the criminal activity of Builders, Estate Agents and Solicitors, you have done nothing. Is this what is classed as Honourable in the TRNC? 

There are approximately 260,000 people living in the TRNC, the size of a medium council in the UK, I would say 300 illegal builder and 100 illegal estate agents was a horrendous crime figure and 280+ registered complaints against these criminals. This Proves the Government and Unions total disregard for the TRNC Constitution and laws.  This is a sad reflection on the Government and Unions of the TRNC.  

A Government which refuses to enforce its own laws which it has sworn to do under the TRNC Constitution, is no better than the criminals committing the crimes.

The Rambler

23 June 2008