Thank you HBPG                

Being  familiar with the South Cyprus and knowing how expensive it is, and also having problems of its own in the housing market, I decided to look in Northern Cyprus to buying a property for a holiday home and to eventually retire to.

I wanted to buy a detached property or a piece of land, but had heard rumours about how risky it could be. So I decided to do some research on the internet first. Looking around various websites there was some nice properties and plots of land for sale at reasonable prices. I then typed in various searches into google with relation to property problems, which led me to the HBPG website. I contacted Marian via email and received  a reply back, which basically stated, provided I did not make any hasty decisions that Northern Cyprus is a beautiful place to buy a property, and because I had never visited the north before suggested that I should stay for at least 2 weeks and take my time to check out all the different areas.

I booked my flights and hotel for 2 weeks and left England on a cold miserable day to arrive in Cyprus with the sun shining in mid December. I hired a car and spent 3 days morning till night driving around all the different areas, getting to know which area best suited my needs. I did not meet up with any estate agents or  sellers in these 3 days because I had arranged to meet the HBPG at 12pm on the Tuesday at the Pia Bella hotel. I am so pleased I took Marians advice to go along to this drop in clinic. Basically without going into details, the horror stories were true. This made me think seriously about what I was doing if I was to buy in Northern Cyprus, but the advice given by Marian and all the members at the HBPG was, that provided that I did all the vital checks and made sure all the legal documents were in place before handing over any money,was  that Northern Cyprus can be a safe place to buy property. I was quite lucky because the following day the HBPG was to hold an emergency meeting also at the Pia Bella Hotel which I attended, if only just to listen to the various horror stories and make me realise how important it was for me to take advice from the HBPG, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the people whom I spoke to at this meeting, who also shared their good and bad experiences of buying in Northern Cyprus.

On leaving the meeting, after listening to all the stories and events my head was in the clouds. That evening I had to make a decision to buy or not to buy or just enjoy the rest of my holiday on this beautiful side of the island.  Anyway after banging my head on the walls of the hotel a few times I decided I would seriously look to buy, this was influenced by advice from HBPG that, provided all the paper work etc  was in place it was a good place to buy a property.

I spent the next  4-5 days meeting estate agents and private sellers looking at loads of different properties and plots of land and asking all the questions and looking at all the paperwork for each one that the HBPG had given me guidance on.  Eventually I decided that I had found an area which I really liked and would like to purchase a plot of land to build a house on. I found a plot of land and over the next week with the help of the HBPG I was running around various government offices etc making sure all the paperwork was in place. I purchased the land from a private seller who was more than happy to agree to all the conditions of sale placed in the contract.

Up to date everything as gone smoothly and all I need to wait for now is my permission to purchase. What a crazy system, where you buy property or land and then you must get permission to purchase. I think it should be the other way round, but maybe if more buyers support the HBPG this could be changed. So when I finally get my permission to purchase through I will do the easy part- Build the house.

Finally I would like to say a big THANKYOU to Marian and the HBPG members especially Sibel who dealt with all my questions and help with paperwork etc without  this help I might have fallen into the misfortune which some buyers are in now. If anyone is thinking of buying property in Northern Cyprus you would be crazy not to take advice for free from the HBPG website and all of its voluntary hard working members.

Thank you. Alan

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