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The Homebuyers Pressure Group was established in September 2005 to collate a database of problems associated with buying a property in the TRNC.  This database was used to establish recognition by the TRNC government that some areas within the construction industry were unlawful and uncontrolled.

As we gathered the information and began investigating the buyers issues it very quickly became apparent that, in order to receive title for the properties, buyers had a range of other hurdles to overcome.

NOTE: there is no law stating that the vendor must transfer title deeds even if the purchaser has paid for it in full.

  • Permission to Purchase, which is granted by the Interior Ministry, was taking years to process.  (Applications are currently being processed within 3-6 months.)
  • there was a mortgage on the land
  • no building permit had been granted and, in some cases not applied for, which meant that mains electric could not be connected to the properties.
  • the land had no recognised access, meaning that building permit would not be applied for and granted.
  • the landowner could retain the Koçan (title deed) even though the properties on that land had been built and sold.
  • many lawyers were acting for both vendor and purchaser, without informing purchaser.
  • the late completion penalty clause of Sales Agreements was totally disregarded by the builders.
  • stamp duty had not been paid, rendering the Sales Agreement worthless.
  • the stamped sales contract had not been registered at the District Lands Office.
  • building standards were not in accordance with the Sales Agreement.

Also, basic laws were been ignored:

  • Full infrastructure must be in place before any property construction can commence.

  • A building permit must be granted before any construction can commence.

  • The builder must be certified and registered with the Construction Contractors Association.

  • A purchase permit must be granted to the purchaser by the Council of Ministers before they can proceed with the purchase.

The majority of buyers were informed by estate agents, construction companies and lawyers that the above were "just a formality".

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